Flexitanks: more than just for transportation

Traditionally, flexitanks have been used as a way to transport bulk non-hazardous liquids from A to B. But they can be used for so much more. From providing potable water to distressed populations to supporting local municipalities during wildfires, it’s a life-saving technology that can be used either proactively and at short notice, or on […]

Flexitank news from BeFlexi #3

Welcome to BeFlexi’s newsletter! A very warm welcome to our bi-weekly newsletter where we hope to bring you interesting news from the flexitank industry, as well as special offers. This week we want to share an exclusive offer in Europe and Latin America. We also wish to share with you news of our continuing growth […]

Welcome to the BeFlexi team, Miguel!

Miguel Fernandes is our newest Sales Executive that joined the team this winter. We have found some interesting things about him that we want to share with you.   How did you first get into the flexitank industry? Well, although I am fairly new to the industry, flexitanks themselves are not new to me, given […]

Flexitank news from BeFlexi #2

Welcome to BeFlexi’s newsletter! We’re excited about flexitanks. The market continues to grow year after year, and we want to bring this growth to you. Our vision is to really make flexitanks as simple and easy to use for everyone as any trucking company you may call to pick up your container or cargo. So, […]

Earn higher margins using flexitanks

It’s no big secret that the logistics industry is facing huge challenges: digitalization, higher levels of competition and higher customer demands are all impacting your bottom line. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a way that you can you can continue doing what you’ve always done, but in a new market, and […]

Flexitank news from BeFlexi #1

Welcome back to BeFlexi’s newsletter! And Happy New Year! After a short break for the holiday period, our newsletter is back to bring you latest news from the BeFlexi world. As well as preparing for a busy year ahead, the start of our 2018 has seen us cementing our existing relationships and furthering new opportunities […]

An interview with Angelina Shepitko

Angelina Shepitko joined the BeFlexi team as Sales Manager, based in Ukraine. We asked her some questions to find out more.   How did you first get into the flexitank industry? Hmm how did I get into the flexitank industry? Good question! The first time I heard of flexitanks was about two years ago, and […]

Three reasons why biodiesel manufacturers should use flexitanks

The biodiesel industry has experienced exceptional growth since 2005, but with rising feedstock prices and increasing global competition, market players must now look to new technologies to optimize their supply chains and cut costs. There is one technology that can unequivocally do this: flexitanks.   Flexi-what? In truth, flexitanks are not a new technology. Their […]

BeFlexi and Seagull: partnership going strong

Today, the BeFlexi team had the pleasure of welcoming our customer Seagull S.A from Greece. The meeting took place in a very pleasant environment with our Sales Executive, Andreea Manaila, and the representatives of Seagull S.A.: Evi Kouliatsa, Managing Director; Christopher Tsoukalas, Project Manager; and Ioannis Maroulis, Tank & Special Equipment Director.     Among […]

What’s in store for the world of BeFlexi in 2018?

2017 was quite a year for BeFlexi (you can have a read of Bruno’s latest article to get a snapshot). We have come far from our humble beginnings, and achieved immense results, but our work is not over yet. From business development to marketing, sales to operations, and finance, we are gearing ourselves for an […]