Miguel Fernandes is our newest Sales Executive that joined the team this winter. We have found some interesting things about him that we want to share with you.


How did you first get into the flexitank industry?

Well, although I am fairly new to the industry, flexitanks themselves are not new to me, given my 7 years of experience working in a container terminal. Before I permanently moved to Cyprus, I made several professional contacts on LinkedIn that led me getting in touch with Sergey Galin who introduced me to Bruno Silva with whom then I kept regular contact. Things went on pretty straight from there to lead me into the flexitank industry.


Why did you want to join BeFlexi? 

Since my very first conversation with Bruno, I remember clearly that I was very attracted by two specific things about the BeFlexi project, first being the fact that it was pretty much in line with my working experience in Shipping & Logistics and the other being that the company is young in terms of its existence and team. It immediately sounded like a good challenge for me and an exciting one!!


And what do you think of it so far? 

It is actually living up to my highest expectations; I believe I will never get bored here. It is a fast-moving industry that daily presents challenging situations to those working in it and it surely brings out the best of your qualities to overcome all of them successfully. I know by experience that it is unavoidable to becoming a better and stronger person every day just by working in such challenging environments.


Miguel is fitting right in to the team already.


What is your priority for the next 3 months?

For now, the 3-month priority plan is to consolidate the regions that have been handed to me, get to know all the clients and establish a good relationship with them, add value to existing contacts and hopefully bring more and more business to the company.


What is your proudest achievement so far? Professional and personal.

In professional terms, I have a very fresh achievement that led me to feel proud and satisfied with myself and that was the very warm welcome I had by the fantastic BeFlexi team. You know it is not always easy to be the ‘new guy’ in the company and here I did not get that feeling at all.

In personal terms, for most of 2017 I have been away from Cyprus and my family as I was working in Africa, so, the fact that I now get to work exactly one mile away from home, for me it feels like not only an achievement, but a dream come true!


What is interesting/surprising about you?

By now, the team must be wondering why I am with earphones most of my time at the office. Of course, it is not that I do not appreciate the cool music choices we have at the office, but I myself cannot live a day without a good dose of some twisted heavy metal music to bang my head a little. And I am not talking about any ‘soft boy bands’ like Metallica.

Most people look how calm I am and they never imagine that I am a huge fan of extreme music.


Connect with Miguel on LinkedIn.