BeFlexi is driven by a global commitment to sustainable logistics and fair trade. Our commitment includes bringing logistics technologies to manufacturers and producers that provide them with access to the new markets and more trading opportunities while using fewer resources.

We believe we are creating a positive impact on our world.  We welcome Freight Forwarders and Logistics Companies to join our effort to deliver the innovative flexitank technology and know-how to the end consumers around the world.

We offer more than just flexitank supply and delivery to our logistics partners. We have designed a special service package that fits their business model. At a competitive rate, BeFlexi is offering a comprehensive and ready to use service package.

"BEFLEXI GO" package includes:

  • Top Quality Flexitank Products, manufactured with materials tested by SGS, accompanied by a full set of Certificates, Approvals, Technical Data, Operational Manuals.
  • Worldwide Insurance Package.
  • Worry-Free Professional Installation by trained technicians available in 2,000 locations worldwide.
  • Customer’s Product/Cargo inspection and verification by SGS, available at any stage upon request.
  • Flexitank stocks maintained and accessible 24/7.

We also provide marketing and sales support to our logistics partners:

  • Sales training and information materials
  • Online/offline “turn-key” marketing kit
  • Customer’s presentation brochures
  • Online technical and information support
  • Personal manager, available to provide all kind of assistance

Benefits for your Business

  • Global partnership that extends your business to a global scale
  • Immediate access to the new technology that has a tremendous growth potential
  • Access to emerging markets with fewer risks and efforts
  • Logistics/supply at any Incoterm basis: FOB/CFR/CIF/DDU
  • Easily calculated freight rates
  • Business expansion through service diversification
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Growth without investments and risks

Benefits for your Clients

  • Buyers/Suppliers diversification through access to the new markets
  • New sales channels, including e-trading platforms (ex.,
  • New instrument for risk mitigation – price fluctuation, demurrages
  • Secure business in the emerging markets
  • Cost-effective logistics solution
    • Flexitank vs Drums up to 40% cheaper
    • Flexitank vs. IBCs up to 30% cheaper
    • Flexitank vs. ISO-tank up to 20% cheaper

We have a unique opportunity to access directly logistics and trading executives and the top level decision makers within global enterprises and multinational companies.

We see a potential of thousands of tons of liquid and dry cargo which is currently distributed in bulk but may be switched to a container/flexitank delivery through our freight forwarders partner network.

We can not do this alone and we step forward with special partnership offers addressing freight forwarders and logistic companies. You do not need to invest time and money in new services development, production, stocks or training courses. BeFlexi  business model creates a great potential for synergy with multinational, regional and local freight forwarding and logistic companies.