Flexitank transforms the standard container into liquid cargo package applicable for multimodal door-to-door delivery. More and more companies explore flexitank benefits such as cost efficiency, operational ease, risks minimization, greater flexibility.

Flexitank boasts several advantages over steel tanks, including being lighter, rustproof, foldable, quicker to use and easier to set up. Due to shipment size optimization, it is also less capital intensive, meaning you have less cash tied up in the supply chain and greater liquidity available.

BeFlexi delivers solutions for bulk cargo containerization. We are available in 2,000 destinations worldwide to assess your cargo’s specific needs, as well as your site and facilities technical conditions, in order to deliver a comprehensive package of products and services, ensuring minimum packaging cost, highest performance and safe transportation and storage of your cargo.


  • Direct supply from seller to buyer, skipping intermediaries and infrastructure operators
  • Competitive shipping freight rates even for small batch purchases
  • Can be used with all standard transportation methods
  • No return load needed
  • Can serve as temporary or permanent storage


  • Manufacturers, who work via traders and infrastructure operators
  • Small and medium suppliers, who are looking for direct access to the market and end user
  • Major vertical-oriented manufacturers, who are looking for new distributional channels
  • Traders, who want to optimize costs and meet customers' requirements on small to medium supplies