Angelina Shepitko joined the BeFlexi team as Sales Manager, based in Ukraine. We asked her some questions to find out more.


How did you first get into the flexitank industry?

Hmm how did I get into the flexitank industry? Good question! The first time I heard of flexitanks was about two years ago, and at that time, I had no idea I would soon be using this word 100 times a day.

Yet still, having learned about flexitanks and examining the dynamics of the development of the oil and fats market in Ukraine, I started to take an interest in flexitanks more and more. I then happened to meet my previous employer at the next negotiations between forwarders and manufacturers. In this company, I started to work as a sales manager and was then promoted to represent their factory in the post of general director.


Why did you want to join BeFlexi?

The strong always join the strong!


What do you think of it so far?

I think with a team like BeFlexi, the development opportunities are unlimited. Because of this, joining the company was a very good decision for me – I hope that the BeFlexi team are also happy!


Angelina Shepitko


What do you think is your biggest challenge?

I have a relaxed attitude to obstacles. Usually they force me to act (and not to fall into depression), as I regard them as an opportunity to start something again. However, it is more reasonable, and it is possible, to look at the situation from a different angle. So, I do not have problems as such, there are only temporary troubles.

Although one challenge I have is a love for cats that’s mixed with an allergy to cats. So, I have a Sphynx in my house (no fur = no problem). Therefore, in this world all problems are solved.


What is your priority for the next 3 months?

It’s the start of a new year, so my biggest priority is to make it a really good start! That means a lot of sales, but also developing new markets in Asia. At the same time, I want to continue to take one of the leading positions in Ukraine among the existing suppliers of flexitanks and show our capabilities to provide not only flexitanks but also the entire accompanying service from container inspection and selection to assistance in the event of any issues in the ports of discharge.


What is something interesting/surprising about you?

I like snowboarding and chocolate. For this reason, many partners, coming to say that the payment will be delayed for a couple of days, come with Belgian chocolate. It certainly does not save them, but I may give them a couple of days.


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