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We’re excited about flexitanks. The market continues to grow year after year, and we want to bring this growth to you. Our vision is to really make flexitanks as simple and easy to use for everyone as any trucking company you may call to pick up your container or cargo. So, in this issue of our newsletter, we want to remind you of all the amazing benefits of this technology.

Bruno Silva, Managing Director


Earn higher margins using flexitanks

The flexitank has been steadily seizing the share of the bulk liquid market from the more traditional methods like ISO tanks, drums, IBCs, etc.

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All you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there. It’s really that simple.

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Endless technological benefits

Flexitanks can be used to transport more than 80 non-hazardous commodities from petrochemicals, industrial products, edible oils, foodstuff and pharmaceuticals. They’re also 40% cheaper than drums, 30% cheaper than IBCs and 20% cheaper than ISO tanks.

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More than just transportation

Flexitanks can also be used for the storage of a great variety of liquid cargo, including food-grade products and potable water.

They are easy and fast to deploy, maintain and remove.
An empty flexitank occupies less than 2% of its own
volume capacity during transportation.
It’s the most cost-effective solution of today and tomorrow.

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More than 90.000 MT of cargo residues and 90.000 MT of polyethylene
and polypropylene could have been disposed of and recycled just last year.
We are committed to a greener future for the flexitank industry and can offer:
solution design; collection; recycling supervision; and verification.

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