2017 was quite a year for BeFlexi (you can have a read of Bruno’s latest article to get a snapshot). We have come far from our humble beginnings, and achieved immense results, but our work is not over yet. From business development to marketing, sales to operations, and finance, we are gearing ourselves for an even bigger and better year in 2018.


Read on to find out what the individuals in our team are looking forward to this year:


Bruno Silva, Managing Director
For me, it’s all about delivery; the delivery of value to our customers in term of service, to our partners in terms of growth and professionalism and to our shareholders in terms of return on investment!


Jekaterina Kalinina, Key Account Manager
I’m very optimistic for 2018, particularly for two of my regions, which are Benelux and Russia. Achieving the Flexitank Rail Certification with our partner, Rhenus Logistics, will make a big difference this year in Russia and the CIS.


Mila Kozomara, Marketing & Communications Manager
Each year we get smarter, and that’s nowhere truer than in Marketing. We know more of what works for us and what doesn’t so our marketing efforts can be even more focused and more aligned with sales to deliver even better results!


Angelos Karageorgiou, Procurement & Operations Executive
This will be a big year in Procurement and Operations: we’re going to increase the automatization of BeFlexi’s supply chain; implement accurate Sales and Operations planning; and improve our stock forecasting.


Andreea Manaila, Sales Executive
We have refined our sales strategy this year and have a good team. Aside from keeping a lookout for new locations, I’m hoping to develop closer and more strategic partnerships with key regional and local logistics companies.


Theodoros Papadopoulos, Marketing Trainee
I want to continue to enrich my knowledge and gain more knowledge from my colleagues’ experience, since I am one of the newest employees in the company. Also, I would like to help the Company achieve its goals for this year and continue the upward course with which it ended in 2017, on all levels.


Froso Evangelou, Accountant
I think accountants always wish for the same thing – a great financial year and as minimal stress as possible! Jokes aside, I do expect and am excited for some good results from the Company this year.


Angelina Shepitko, Sales Manager
Last year ended incredibly for me when I oversaw my first shipments for not one, but two customers in South Korea. So, 2018 has a lot to live up to, but I’m excited to continue to develop our flexitank business in South Korea and other parts of Asia – stay tuned!


It’s quite an ambitious to-do list, but our team is nothing but enthusiastic. Off to work now!