China, South Korea, Malaysia, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Latvia, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, the UAE, Greece, and Cyprus!


A small preview of BeFlexi’s 2017!


This was our world in 2017. It’s an ever-growing, ever-expanding world, as we develop more solutions to reach more customers and more cargoes – and as we reach for you. Because ultimately, everything we do is with the intention to improve our services and our ability to serve our customers to more efficiently and effectively move their cargoes around the world.


2017 was therefore the year where we truly crystalized our global footprint. It was a humble vision of BeFlexi’s founder, Sergey Galin, that has now turned into a viable reality. A reality we plan to continue to build upon! On top of all the countries we visited, and where we have our running operations, we have plans to introduce our offer in markets such as Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Peru… you name it!


2017 was also the year where our engine room and back office was brought to a new and even higher standard with the renewal of our ISO 9001 certification, the setting up of improved processes, the establishment of stronger relationships with our key partners and suppliers, and through hard work with different industry organizations and associations.


All of this is so that 2018 can be the year where we bring additional benefits and opportunities to our customers worldwide, making sure your bulk liquid projects are the most profitable on your product portfolio. It’s going to be the year where we will offer new opportunities for flexitank services through our innovative financing solutions and where we will materialize our storage and emergency services.


As a heads up – keep your eyes on Russia next year, where not only we will start serving our customers straight from the hinterland thanks to our recently awarded rail certification for flexitanks, but also some of us (the lucky ones!) will be attending the World Cup – go Portugal!


I sincerely hope your 2017 was as good as ours and I wish for your 2018 to be even more successful!


Bruno Silva
Managing Director, BeFlexi