BeFlexi at COA meeting: bring flexitank logistics to a new level of efficiency

  The 12th Container Owners Association (COA) Flexitank Meeting taking place on 29 June in Amsterdam will gather more than 70 delegates from all over the world.   Established in 2005 to unite owners of sea containers, today the COA is the only global platform for the flexitank industry. The COA’s flexitank division was formed […]

Shipping Container: Making the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger

“The advantage is clear for the shipper, who benefits from the flexibility of their commodity being moved in smaller shipment sizes allowing them to quickly reach many different locations”. Vincent Clerc, chief trade and marketing officer at Maersk Line Intermodal transportation made the international trade routes open for goods manufacturers and traders from all over […]

Liquid Storage Solution: developing business environment

New technologies change the way people think about the storage solutions. Immobile and costly storage facilities can no longer satisfy modern needs of dynamic businesses. Following the increasing demand in cost-effective and mobile storage facilities BeFlexi has developed a range of solutions which serve to store cargoes in any place, including remote regions. Applicable for […]

FOSFA contracts for flexitank shipments

Flexitank providers have brought to the market a cost-effective and secure solution for non-hazardous cargoes shipment. Since 2005 the number of flexitank loads has increased 10 times and now flexitank market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 18.6% to reach 3 mln loads in 2022. Companies from food and agricultural industries were […]

10% of bulk wine is transported in flexitanks

First evidence of international wine trade refers to 3000 BC making it one of the first products, which entered international market. Since that time the industry has achieved 31 billion dollars of export value in 2015. Nowadays the European Union is the world’s leader in wine production with a share of 65%. France, Italy, and […]

Smart partnership – business growth without investments

Connection economy Forbes states that we are operating in Connection Economy where value  is built through establishing connections rather than building assets. What does it really mean for businesses? The long run success depends on  well-established partnerships which allow one to deliver more to the customers with minimal investments and risks. Commitment to the result […]

Flexitank, drums or IBCs? Find out how to save up to 50% on the transportation

Some of the market players are still using drums and IBCs for the transportation of non-hazardous products. Logistics companies got used to work with these types of package as for a long time they had been the only options for liquid cargo transportation. Being multiple-use types of packaging, both drums and IBCs lead to additional costs: storage, […]

Olive Oil transportation challenge: bulk or bottled?

Olive oil is obtained from the olive, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. In 2015 olive oil production reached 3 million tons, showing stable year to year growth rate of 3% over past 10 years. Traditionally, the largest production of olive oil is concentrated in Mediterranean Basin region countries with Spain producing 36% […]

Transporting Agricultural Oils in Flexitanks

As recognized in a previous blog post, the demand for flexitanks will increase from 800,000 units in 2014 to over 3 million units in 2022 and the industry is hoping that agricultural oil producers will be a big part of the growth. As demand for food increases, oil producers will be able to take full […]

History of the Container and Liquid Packaging

A container could be seen as a soulless box made of metal with a wooden floor and doors at one end. However, its value lies on how it is used. It is, in fact, at the core of an extremely automated system for moving goods. It made shipping economical and changed the shape of the […]