clarityNew technologies change the way people think about the storage solutions. Immobile and costly storage facilities can no longer satisfy modern needs of dynamic businesses. Following the increasing demand in cost-effective and mobile storage facilities BeFlexi has developed a range of solutions which serve to store cargoes in any place, including remote regions. Applicable for petrochemical and agricultural, mining and construction industries, pool and tank renovation, military and government services these solutions have a range of benefits for the clients.

Fuel Storage

BeFlexi’s Liquid Storage Solution (LSS) is increasingly popular in fuel logistics for the storage of petrochemicals. This is a cost-efficient, quick and functional alternative to traditional storage facilities. BeFlexi storage solution meets the increasing demand for small and medium storage facilities available to be installed in remote areas. Wherever you have your operation now it is possible to have a storage facility with less investments.

Water tanks

Water is a vital resource. In some regions and for some applications it is still expensive to transport and store. With low cost price it needs cost-effective solution for logistics operations. BeFlexi products can be applicable for water storage areas anywhere you need. BeFlexi solution is applicable for fire-fighting operations and rainwater collection. Does your business face the challenge how to organize water supply and storage? We offer the solution how to implement an innovative and cost-effective storage systems.

Silo Bags

Silo solution is a technology based on advantages of flexitank products – low costs compared with traditional silo-systems . Silo Bag was designed to store crops and grains at the same plot as the harvest with minimal finance investments. Grains kept in the hermetic environment are protected from insects, fungi, animals, diseases and weather. For any location and volume of harvest our specialist will provide you with a tailor-made solution.


  • Store flexitank with a capacity from 25 cubic meters to 125 cubic meters;
  • Delivery suction hoses and portable pipelines;
  • Lock valves;
  • Quick strike connections “Cam-Lock”;
  • Pumps, counters, filling station dispensers;
  • Signalization and firefighting means;
  • Lighting protection system;
  • Cleaning arrangement of rain water, slushy and drain water;
  • Additional equipment