Learn how flexitanks are used for emergency water supply. Check if you are prepared for emergency and download your “Stay at Home” and “On-the-Go” emergency kits.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, the German Government unveiled its civil defense plan advising citizens to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency. Citizens are advised to store enough food to last them 10 days and five days’ water supply two liters (half a gallon) per person daily. The proposal has generated […]


Cost effective transportation is a vital factor for global and national economic development. While delivery by water ways remains the most cost effective means of transportation, it is not an option when there are no water ways available. Next to water transport, rail transport is the most energy efficient means of moving large volumes of […]

Opening the way for future growth. Changes in Management for BeFlexi.

2016 has been a busy year for BeFlexi. But what a year! We have opened operations in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Denmark and we are preparing our stocks in many new locations, so keep your eyes open. We have implemented our new accounting and sales quotation system, and we are about to launch our new CRM […]

Beflexi leads the way to Flexitank Operators Certification

BeFlexi is the first flexitank operator to obtain updated ISO:9001 Certificate, stating compliance with COA Code of Practice. BeFlexi successfully completes intermediary audit on compliance with COA Code of Practice as a flexitank operator. The certificate issued by NQA, Accredited Global ISO-Certification Body, confirms that BeFlexi management system applicable to Flexitank, Dry Liner Operations, logistical […]

BeFlexi Donates Flexitanks to Madeira’s Fire Fighters

BeFlexi donates flexitanks to Madeira Island’s Civil Defense and Fire Fighting departments with a total capacity of 120,000 of water, responding to the continuing forest fires rage on the Portugal’s holiday island where flames have damaged houses and hotels and forced nearly 1,000 people to flee their homes. The equipment was delivered to Madeira Island by […]

Sergey Galin, founder of BeFlexi in CEO Magazine

Learn more about BeFlexi’s strategy, mission, vision. Read how to lead a number of international businesses. Download the article http://www.theceomagazine.com/business/sergey-galin/  

Flexitank Success in Portugal

BeFlexi Ltd. in cooperation with SGS has already occupied one of the leading positions on the Portuguese flexitank market. Shipping base oil, wine and olive oil from Portugal on a regular basis BeFlexi gets noticed by specialized local media: http://transportesemrevista.com/Default.aspx?tabid=210&language=pt-PT&id=54441&area=undefined Read more about SGS e Beflexi apresentaram nova solução logística. Our stock in Portugal is waiting for you.

The more services – the stronger customer relationships

Successful freight forwarding companies do not just move the goods. They act as experts in building efficient supply chains to drive trade and create an access to new opportunities. That’s why they are also known as “Architects of Transport”. Why freight forwarders need to introduce new services Freight forwarders do not possess any vessels or physical […]

COA meeting insights: supporting the growth stage of flexitank industry

Flexitank industry shows double digit numbers of annual growth. The amount of loads has increased from 100’000 to almost 1’000’000 over the last 10 years. Still following the classic model of product life cycle flexitank is in its early growth stage with the potential to reach over 3’000’000 units till 2022.   Since flexitank is […]

Visiting a Cyprus winery: handling and transportation insights

Cyprus belongs to the Old World of wine producing countries with roots firmly planted 6000 years ago when the first evidence of winemaking appeared. Because of the territory of the island the overall production quantity is relatively small, however it is much higher on a per capita basis. Cypriot wineries are proud of rich cultural […]