BeFlexi is the first flexitank operator to obtain updated ISO:9001 Certificate, stating compliance with COA Code of Practice.

BeFlexi successfully completes intermediary audit on compliance with COA Code of Practice as a flexitank operator. The certificate issued by NQA, Accredited Global ISO-Certification Body, confirms that BeFlexi management system applicable to Flexitank, Dry Liner Operations, logistical and financial services comply with COA Code of Practice for single use flexitank systems and meets BS ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

The current Code of Practice, first released by COA in 2009, addresses flexitank manufacturers and producers and aims to formalize guidance for the key functions of manufacture, testing, and operation of flexitank, thus enabling shipping lines to check if the equipment they carry has passed the required tests and audits during the manufacturing process.

While the flexitank production process is well regulated, the equipment operator’s practices remain beyond the regulator’s competency even though the industry’s statistics shows, that 98% of leakages occur due to the wrong installations, and have nothing to do with the quality of flexitanks. The flexitank operators also carry responsibility for container selection and marking, incident management, emergency response, data collection and flexitank/container traceability.

With the recent proliferation of flexitank service providers, the certification within the business sector became a serious issue in the focus of logistics industry and COA, recognizable flexitank industry regulator.

BeFlexi vision on flexitank operators’ certification was shared by our speaker during the latest COA flexitank meeting in Amsterdam in June 2016 and was well supported by many industry’s leaders, who agreed that flexitank handling should be performed by certified operators only. As a next step, BeFlexi became the first operator whose compliance with COA Code of Practice has been audited and officially confirmed.

BeFlexi Ltd. is a global flexitank service provider. We deliver cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for transportation and storage of liquid and dry cargos. Since 2015 we provide services in collaboration with SGS, world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. SGS provides testing and certification services for BeFlexi products and flexitank materials and performs flexitank installations for our clients. SGS technicians go through special training programs to become certified flexitank technicians.

As a member of Container Owners Association and its Technical Working Group (TWG), BeFlexi ensures that its materials, procedures, and operations fully comply with COA safe operations requirements.

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