On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, the German Government unveiled its civil defense plan advising citizens to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency. Citizens are advised to store enough food to last them 10 days and five days’ water supply two liters (half a gallon) per person daily.

The proposal has generated controversial feedback, with comical responses on social media and accusations of being “scaremongering” from MPs.

While it is the first time we hear a recommendation to stockpile food and water on a national level of an EU country, the emergency plans are common for municipalities and being released and updated on a regular basis.


A typical 72- hours Emergency Preparedness Guide would outline common sense steps that can be taken right now to reduce the impact of such emergencies as storms, flooding, earthquakes, tornados, wildfires hazardous spills and power outages.

The municipalities themselves are legally responsible for emergency plans and coordination.

In terms of use, FDA-approved flexitanks are some of the most versatile products available for storing, collecting, and reusing potable water and non-potable liquid. Reusable bladders (storage flexitanks https://beflexi.com/beflexi-storage/) with capacity up to 200,000 liters can be used to supplement a municipal water supply system. They are reusable, take little space when folder (typically 2% of the maximum capacity size), they are easily installed and they do not require expensive and sophisticated site engineering.

Common Applications:

• Potable Water Tank Storage
• Military Operations
• Construction Sites
• Fire Fighting Operations
• Remote Location/Island Water Storage


FL_StoreBeFlexi Storage

The smaller configurations of storage flexitanks can be used for home water storage, installed in the backyards or under the deck of residential homes. Those tanks are extremely popular in Australia where periods of droughts may be quite extended, but their popularity is growing in other parts of the world.

Being prepared for an emergency can make a critical difference to the outcome of the situation.

Download a basic 72-hour Stay at Home Kit and Emergency On-the-Go Kit and visit your municipality’s webpage for more specific information.

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