BeFlexi is pleased to announce that Theodoros Papadopoulos has joined the company in the Marketing team.

Theodoros Papadopoulos, BeFlexi

Theodoros Papadopoulos

He began at BeFlexi in June for a 6-week internship as part of a joint program between the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the Cyprus University of Technology. He spent time rotating between the different departments: Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Operations; and quickly displayed a curiosity and eagerness to get stuck in that reflects the culture here at BeFlexi.


He says “I’m really happy to stay on at BeFlexi. I learned so much during my 6 weeks and now I have the chance to continue the experience, but with the benefit of a foundation knowledge of the company. I can definitely recommend this process to anyone.”


Internships are a great way to transition from university into a career or to gain experience in an unfamiliar field. And, at BeFlexi, we’re always on the look-out for bright minds to join and be part of our exciting and innovative future.


If you are interested in applying, or know of someone who might be, please get in touch with Bruno Silva,