And so, my internship has come to an end! It feels like a long time since I started first in Business Development, then Marketing and eventually Sales too. My last pitstop was the Operations and Procurement department. I spent my last 2 weeks at BeFlexi learning all about this side of the business with Alexey Dunayevsky, the Procurement and Operations Manager.


As ever, we first spoke generally about what operations entails and what his responsibilities are in the company. He introduced me to the three types of service we provide namely: flexitank only; flexitank with installation; and flexitank with installation and shipping.


After this we explored the difference between flexitank insurance and cargo insurance and how we can calculate the premium rate if someone asks to insure his cargo. There, Alex gave me some questions to answer about this and asked me to calculate the premium rate for a cargo insurance.


After the theory, we went deeper into the department’s proceedings. The operations department handles the end-to-end deliveries of flexitanks right from manufacturing facilities to the predefined locations around the globe. He showed me how the operations department uses the SAP System to complete this procedure. He also explained to me the importance of communicating with all parties involved, to know what is happening at any time, and be sure that everything is going according to plan.


Overall, it was another very interesting experience, but there were lots of processes involved so the lesson I learnt is that you need to focus constantly on what you are doing because errors can be very costly.


And now, somewhere here is the end of this journey. It was an amazing experience, since it was the first time I got to experience a real workplace environment and discover a company’s procedures. I’m grateful to each one of the team at BeFlexi for the time they have given to me, and the different knowledge they imparted.


But as with all endings, there are beginnings as well. I am pleased that I will remain in the company for another 3 months in the Marketing department. I look forward to a great cooperation with Mila!