Just How Tailor-Made Can Supply Chains Be

A supply chain is a system that encompasses just about everything that gets a product from the supplier to the customer. Think of each ‘link’ as the organizations, people, activities or any other resource needed to move a product to the end user. Literally every product can have its own supply chain, and with varying […]

BeFlexi at UNITI 2016, 13-14 April, Stuttgart!

BeFlexi in co-operation with SGS invites you to visit SGS booth at UNITI 2016! BeFlexi specialists will be glad to tell you about the most cost-effective technologies to transport non-hazardous liquid cargoes (mineral oils, base oils, lubricants, etc.) with the help of BeFlexi flexitanks See you there!

BeFlexi has Expanded into a New Office

Thanks to the support of our customers and partners BeFlexi has been expanding rapidly across the world. Due to this growth, we are pleased to announce the relocation and expansion of our headquarters. Our team in Cyprus has moved to a spacious new office in the heart of Limassol. The second floor office is a […]

6 Things That Flexitanks Avoid to Save you Time and Money

Flexitanks are more cost-effective than traditional shipping methods. We have previously discussed in a recent article how flexitanks can increase profits for wine importers by shipping wine in bulk, instead of in pre-bottled, pre-boxed packages or steel tanks. The money that would have been spent on packaging, cushioning, and palletising are instead spent on shipping […]

BeFlexi Extends Operations in Italy

We are happy to announce that we have now expanded our operations and are working closely on the ground with our Italian partners and SGS. We are excited of whats to come from Napoli and have built a large stock of equipment and flexitanks to handle all your liquid needs. We look forward to aiding the […]

BeFlexi attending Intermodal 2016 – Sao Paulo

BeFlexi representatives will be attending Intermodal 2016 in Brazil. We look forward to further discussions with our Latin American partners and meeting a range of professionals in the logistics, cargo, and trade industries. We are always looking to meet new individuals – if you are attending please feel free to reach out and arrange a meeting with […]

ICIS 2016 World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference: INSIGHTS

Is is more than a month since we met you at ICIS 2016 in London, take a look at the insight of the week! TO IRAN / TO NIGERIA After the relief of current sanctions, Iranian ports are among the most desirable points of destination for lubricant market agents. Similarly, Nigeria has always been on […]

How Hedging Currencies Can Be Used as a Tool for Managing Supply Chain Risks

Nearly every supply chain today has gone global at some level, making the phrase ‘global supply chain’ seem redundant in most cases. If you’ve only ever engaged in local trade, the logistics of cross-border trade — exchange rates, shipping times, language barriers, and time differences — would have been the least of your worries. Investors […]

Trade Finance Solutions Help You Lower Your Risk

A transaction, in its simplest form, is the exchange of goods between two parties: a buyer and a seller. While a local operation at the same physical location cannot be more straightforward, international trade (or any trade involving a significant distance between buyer and seller, for that matter) is more complicated and is not without […]

ICIS 2016 World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference: INSIGHTS

It is already a month since we met last time in London. We would like to share with you a number of interesting facts about base oil market, that we learned during the conference. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE More and more customers (traders, blenders and distributors) fro m any part of the world are looking […]

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