Marketing & Communications Manager, Mila Kozomara, last week attended a logistics event in Sri Lanka. She tells us about it.


96 delegates; 62 countries; 45 meetings.

It was a busy, but incredibly interesting few days in Colombo, Sri Lanka, at the Cargo Partners Network 22nd Annual Conference. The Network formed over 20 years ago to bring together independently owned freight forwarding companies and now boasts more than 100 members.

BeFlexi was invited to join the international crowd at this year’s event as both a sponsor and speaker. However, the main premise of the event is the one-to-one business meetings between members.

As a Marketing professional, I believe it’s extremely important to have first-hand experience of your customers and how to sell to them. So, of course I was pleased with the chance to attend!


Ready to introduce delegates to the world of flexitanks!


Luckily, I also had the good fortune to present to an audience who was not only friendly, but attentive and open too. Whilst there were a few members who had active experience with flexitanks, the vast majority were hearing about it for the first time. It was exciting to introduce them to this innovative technology and its various advantages. The market growth figures for flexitanks are undeniable and the sheer level of interest demonstrated by the members there reaffirmed the lucrativeness of this industry. It’s a market that has a year-on-year growth of 18.6%, which lays largely on containerization and the fact that there is still so much bulk liquid cargo that can be containerized – from dairy to chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Presenting BeFlexi and flexitanks!


My presentation also outlined how freight forwarders can get involved and become global flexitank operators. Here, it comes down to creating synergies: mixing the right expertise with the right skills. The expertise of BeFlexi as a flexitank market operator able to provide the best value flexitanks and solutions with full assurances and insurances. And on the other hand, that of the freight forwarders who have the transportation and logistics expertise and know-how. As we like to say at BeFlexi: it’s really that simple.

Overall, the event was a great opportunity to position BeFlexi among this network of freight forwarders. I had a lot of positive meetings, and yet feel that it’s only scratching the surface. I’m positive that BeFlexi will work with some of the members, but for now I have a lot of following up to do! 


Meeting with Korkut Nadir, Kinay Transport & Logistics, and Ken Singh, Atlas Cargo.


I’d like to give special thanks to the CPN Board of Directors for inviting us to participate, and the host member, Dellogistics International (Pvt) Limited, for organizing an enjoyable stay.


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