Our Marketing and Communications Manager, Mila Kozomara, shares with us her thoughts about BeFlexi and gives us some great insights about the future.


How did you first get started in the flexitank logistics industry? And how do you find it so far?
My first encounter with flexitanks came when I applied for the Marketing & Communications Manager role. My previous experience was within human resources and recruitment marketing, so the terms ‘flexitank’, ‘transportation’ and ‘logistics’ couldn’t be further from my reality. However, I’m always for a new challenge so with a little bit of research and after speaking to both Bruno Silva and Sergey Galin, I was captivated by the potential of the industry and moreover, the company.


I’ve been with the company for almost 18 months and so far, it’s been great. My role has developed in unexpected ways and I find myself involved in projects that test my abilities and excite me from new CSR initiatives to business development.


BeFlexi/Mila Kozomara

Mila Kozomara


What’s the best thing about BeFlexi?
The culture! Spending a long time in HR will teach you that an organization’s culture is really important and that’s something BeFlexi has got right. We’re different mix of people and have busy schedules, but we always help each other and find the time to check in as a team at the end of every day. It also helps that we have a Managing Director that leads the way.


Why do customers choose BeFlexi over their competitors?
I think it comes down to our expertise. We’re heavily involved in the industry and invested in the sustainability of its future – ensuring the development and implementation of standards is just one example. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate or knowledgeable on flexitanks.


What are your biggest challenges?
One of the things I love about flexitanks is their application beyond the pure transportation of liquid cargo. But it’s also one of my challenges: finding enough time to dedicate to this research so it turns from a side project to one of my main tasks.


What is your priority for 2018?
This year it’s all about consolidating the hard work we’ve been doing in Marketing to raise the awareness of flexitanks, build the BeFlexi brand and support the Sales team. I feel we have a fairly good grip on what works for us and what doesn’t so now the priority is to hone this knowledge into delivering even better results.


What is something interesting/surprising about you?
If I had a second life, I would choose to be a physicist. One of my first clients in a previous job was CERN and I loved that the whole (and I really mean whole) organization were united behind one shared purpose and vision. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have access to really cool technology that could explain the very existence of our world?


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