Earlier this month BeFlexi together with partner Rhenus Intermodal Systems Ltd had its first official flexitank rail installation and loading. The project successfully took place in Russia.


Snow or no snow, we made our first successful flexitank rail installation in Russia


This comes after Beflexi achieved the Flexitank Rail Certification, back in November 2017. Together with Rhenus, we completed a number of tests in accordance with the general procedure of the Russian Rail Commission.


Quality and safety are of the utmost importance for our company. We strive to not only implement, but also develop safety standards for the industry that reduce risk and make flexitank shipments safe, efficient and cost-effective. For this we are pleased to be working together with Rhenus with whom we can pave a path to delivering the most superior flexitanks, local services and professional support to all Russian customers, each time.


Angelina Shepitko, Sales Manager, says “Achieving the Rail Certification and now putting our knowledge and expertise into practice, better serving the Russian bulk liquid market is exciting. BeFlexi is establishing solid foundations in the vast geometry of Russia. Along with strong business bonds with our partner Rhenus and a good customer base, I look forward to expanding our activities and seizing greater share of the huge potential of inland bulk liquid cargo Russia presents.”


For more information, give us a call on +357 2525 4020 or email info@beflexi.com.