This might be the most diversely celebrated day of the year. Some people celebrate it for the achievements of women on a personal or a social level; others celebrate the importance of women in life, while some get the chance to draw out attention on the gender issues that still exist and try to inspire for change. Regardless of how it is celebrated, this day is considered important all over the world.

For us too is an important day. Not just because women make up at least half of BeFlexi’s workforce but also because it is a good opportunity to celebrate our wonderful women. So, every year we make sure they get the appreciation they deserve. This year we are making it a bit more special and we tell how we feel.


BeFlexi women always get their bouquet of flowers this day.


Here are some thoughts of the BeFlexi team on how they celebrate the women of our company:


‘No matter how small or big a company is, the culture will determine its successes. For centuries, women had to take on secondary roles in the corporate world just for being women. This has not proven particularly fruitful.  At BeFlexi, as in many other modern-day businesses, we understand that a diverse environment further assures successes and that is why we make no selection based on gender, nationality, age, faith or sexual orientation. On this International Women’s day, we celebrate the role of the BeFlexi Women and their contribution to a superior performance, a better working environment and a committed work ethic. Without the BeFlexi women, I believe our company culture would not be so rich, the environment not so enliven and thus performance not the same. I sincerely thank them and appreciate their daily work and contribution.’’

Bruno Silva,
Managing Director


‘I believe that all women at BeFlexi have had important roles that contributed to the overall success of the company. I hope that they continue working with same passion and vitality for more successes to come. Today is a day that all women need to celebrate… But they should not forget that men love cakes too and they want to celebrate this day with them.’

Theodoros Papadopoulos,
Marketing Executive


‘There are many reasons for this day to be celebrated here at BeFlexi. Women have taken on important roles from the very beginning of the creation of the company and they continue to do so, significantly contributing to its successes. As a woman, I am grateful to be part of such diverse and modern setting.’

Roxani Frantzi,
Sales and Marketing Assistant


‘Female colleagues are the backbone of our Organization. This could be justified not only by pure maths (60% of white-collar colleagues are of female gender), but also by the cross-functional processes of BeFlexi; there is not even one department without the presence of at least one female colleague. Now that’s what I call an environment of equal opportunities and cultivation of gender promotive interaction!’

Angelos Karageorgiou,
Procurement & Operations Executive


‘Today I celebrate the powerful impact that the supportive character of these women has had on me. I will never forget the support I received from my colleague Andreea Manaila (a Sales Executive) at the very beginning of my career at BeFlexi. She was always willing to go the extra mile for giving me the support I needed for a smooth start with the company. This is something that you don’t see very often.’

Miguel Fernandes,
Sales Executive


‘BeFlexi is more than a working place; it is a home and a family. Women play a crucial role in every family and BeFlexi women make sure to always remember that.  Behind a successful BeFlexi woman there is intelligence, creativity, tenacity, competitiveness, fearlessness, and a set of values and beliefs that she will always share with her team. Responsible and loyal, she achieves her goals, accepts new challenges and never gives up, writing so another chapter from her Book of Joy. I feel very fortunate because I always benefit from this family’s support that helps me develop and advance towards shaping my career and my personal development. I wish joy, health, and success to all women celebrating today!’

Andreea Manaila,
Sales Executive


‘Today I celebrate all BeFlexi women power, current and former, for all the dedication and hard work they put on the project and keep it going!’

Froso Evangelou,


‘BeFlexi’s culture has always been very attractive for smart and powerful women to be part of. This day I take the chance to express gratefulness to the organization of BeFlexi for creating a framework for women to advance to their full potential and thrive.’

Mila Kozomara,
Marketing and Communications Manager


Happy women’s day to you all!!