Marina Michael is the latest addition to our company. She is joining us as a Procurement and Operations Assistant. We asked her some questions to find out more:


How did you first get into the flexitank industry?

I am new member to this industry. I very recently completed my bachelor’s degree in Maritime Studies and though the flexitrank industry was not specifically referred to in the course, it came to my attention as I was searching the web. I was immediately intrigued by its young and dynamic existence in the global market and begun to research it further.


Why did you want to join BeFlexi?

After the very first interview with Angelos Karageorgiou, the company’s Procurement and Operations Executive, I was inspired by the endless opportunities of the work environment. I got the sense that I had to continuously learn and implement new knowledge and skills. This was very encouraging for me to really want to be a part of the BeFlexi team.


What do you think of it so far?

I am more than pleased with the team and the work environment. I have received a very warm welcome by the team and I’m pretty sure we will get along very easily. Mostly, I am fascinated by the cool target-achieving nature of the company. It makes you want to do more. 


Marina Michael


What is your priority for the next 3 months?

Priority for next 3 months is to be able to fully support the Procurement and Operations department, get familiar with the business and add value where I can.


What is your proudest achievement so far? Professional and personal.

My proudest achievement so far was the completion of my honors degree with an award of distinction. Having a full-time job while on a university degree was a big challenge for me and by completing it with high grades, it made me truly believe that everything is possible if you have patience and you keep your focus.  


What is interesting/surprising about you?

I really love dancing. I used to take dance lessons for years in the past, but now whenever I get the chance, I utilize my dancing skills. So, if you ever meet me out, be prepared to see some serious moves on the dancefloor! Oh, I also have a big love for dogs and beer… and chocolate of course!


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