The global flexitank market is a relatively young market that has been experiencing a boom in growth since 2000 and which, according to Grand View Research Inc, is expected to keep growing at an annual rate of 18.6% reaching USD 922.3 million by 2022. Besides, the mere fact that the market is so young is sufficient by itself to present endless opportunities for enormous growth and development.

Key factors fuelling the growth of the flexitank market has been the rapid development in the field of cost-effective containerization and the vast opportunities for the containerization of bulk liquid cargo. Likewise, the surging demand for flexitanks can be put down to their cost-efficiency, ease of use, safety, environmentally-friendly properties and their compatibility with a vast number of non-hazardous bulk liquids.

In comparison to other types of bulk liquid transportation, such as drums, IBCs and ISO tanks, flexitanks have many advantages, which means their use is becoming accepted as more beneficial to these other types. Click here to see how flexitanks compare to other transportations methods.

It is no surprise then that there is now an increasing number of flexitank players around the world. Here are the top five reasons why BeFlexi is the right partner for the flexitank industry.


1. Global presence

As the flexitank market expands, so does BeFlexi. We can provide flexitank solutions in 2,000 locations worldwide, and currently have stock in 22 countries. 

We are an integrator of the industry: ensuring the best supply of flexitanks, with the most reliable local services and access to new markets. Our goal is to make the global market
accessible for everyone.





2. Quality & Safety

Quality and safety standards is something that BeFlexi holds very closely. From ensuring that all suppliers we work with meet industry standards, to the professional local flexitank solutions we offer and working with industry bodies, like the Container Owners Association, we want to make the flexitank industry safer, more transparent and more innovative. Have a read of our whitepaper to find out more.


3. Industry Tested & Certified Products

The quality of all our flexitanks are fully tested and certified by the most reliable organizations. They comply with: US FDA, European Certification, HACCP and have Kosher and Halal certifications. Last year we also successfully achieved the Rail Certification for flexitank transportation in the Russian Federation.


4. Zero-Risk Insurance

Production warranty insurance – up to 5 million USD

Professional indemnity liability insurance – up to 5 million USD

Third party liability insurance – up to 6 million USD

Product and pollution liability insurance – up to 6 million USD

Cargo Insurance – 110% of cargo value


5. Commitment to the Environment

Beyond safety standards for the industry, BeFlexi is committed to a greener future for the flexitank market. One such way is through our disposal services. More than 90.000 MT of cargo residues and 90.000 MT of polyethylene and polypropylene could have been disposed of and recycled just last year. We offer solution design, collection, recycling supervision, and verification.


Ultimately, we aim to deliver the most superior flexitanks, local services and professional support to all customers, every single time.