Angelos Karageorgiou joined the BeFlexi team as Procurement & Operations Executive in the Autumn. We asked him some questions to find out more.


How did you first get into the flexitank industry?

I must admit I’m a rookie in the flexitank industry! As a pioneer in the Cypriot business world, BeFlexi was the first to attract me.


Why did you want to join BeFlexi?

For starters, the whole job description looked really challenging for me. And, after being told the company name (by my recruiter), and a thorough search, I was impressed by BeFlexi’s present situation, as well as its really promising future. This being justified by the CIBA Excellence Award for Best Startup we earned and the highly developing industry we are operating within: providing an integrated flexitank service package to customers throughout the entire world.


What do you think of it so far?

Expectations are met. We are operating in a fast-paced industry, the air in the working environment is fresh and the Company’s philosophy is a modernized one, willing to hear any innovative thought, vertically and horizontally open-sourced to new ideas and suggestions.


Angelos had the honor of placing the star on the BeFlexi Christmas Tree!


What is your priority for the next 3 months?

Surely what everyone wants: to optimize my work performance and put my own mark on the BeFlexi value chain. But on top of this, I want to add value where I can, perhaps even outside my daily procurement and operations tasks.


What is your proudest achievement so far? Professional and personal.

I cannot prioritize and put a sequence to my achievements. The same goes for my failures. As years pass by, my tenacity for setting up new goals and plans makes me feel that my achievements will be never depleted.

However, if I have to name one, it’s my solo reallocation to Cyprus during the massive economic downturn (personal part) in both Greece and Cyprus in May 2013, and the ability to find a job – relevant to my academic background – in Cyprus (professional part).


What is interesting/surprising about you?

I love travelling, but I have never cultivated a desire to visit typical tourist-trap metropolises like London, New York or Barcelona. Rather, I love travelling to alternative destinations of the modernized world. Despite being Greek, I don’t like Mykonos and I have never been to Santorini. I also hate the traditional Greek dish fasholada (bean soup) and the same goes for ouzo.


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