Last week, the BeFlexi team had the pleasure of meeting Torbjørn C. Pedersen of Once Upon A Saga.

Thor, as he more frequently introduces himself, is a Danish citizen and a Goodwill Ambassador for the Danish Red Cross. Four years ago, he set himself the challenge of visiting every country in the world for a minimum of 24 hours, without flying, and without going home. A brave attempt for anyone.

He has now reached his 142nd country (out of 203): Cyprus. The Island marks the completion of his fourth continent and his fourth year of traveling. Despite this, he was fresh-faced, and full of positivity and entertaining stories to share.

Thor from Once Upon A Saga's business card

Good business card idea

Thor’s motto is “a stranger is a friend you’ve never met before” and he’s been documenting his travels across social media since day one. It’s quite fitting that BeFlexi was connected to him in this way.

Our contact with reaches back to a couple of months ago when we first got in touch to offer help. Thor very much relies on the goodwill and support of people along his journey. He says, “this is a people project. No one can do it alone”. Being a logistics company, we readily took on the challenge to help Thor and, with the generous support of Salamis Shipping, managed to secure him a space onboard a vessel from Greece.

Thor with Sergey Galin (left) and Bruno Silva (right)

Thor with Sergey Galin (left) and Bruno Silva (right)

Thor has proven an inspiration for many along the way. During his presentation to the team, he spoke of the importance of pushing forward, especially in the face of adversity, and staying focused on your goals. After all, if you give up, you will never reach your goal, right? This is something Thor knows a lot about.

We are pleased to have been able to help Thor along a small part of his journey and can only hope that this article encourages someone else to as well.

The BeFlexi team with Thor of Once Upon A Saga

The BeFlexi team with Thor of Once Upon A Saga

You can follow Thor on his various social media accounts: