This week, Andreea Manaila, Sales Executive at BeFlexi attended the European Petrochemical Association’s (EPCA) 51st Annual Meeting, held in Berlin. Here, she gives her thoughts.


The EPCA Annual Meeting was for me one of the greatest opportunities to participate in a world-class business event and I’m thankful for that. Everything, from venues and workshops to speakers and participants, proved the quality and professionalism of the chemical and petrochemical business community.


In 2017, EPCA registered 2,850 participants: 74,55% from Europe, 12.83% from North America, 6.54% from Asia, 4.37% from Middle East and the remaining from Australia, Africa and South America.


With such an impressive number of participants, the networking possibilities were many. The fact that we could speak with the people directly involved in Supply Chain and Bulk Logistics, and understand their challenges and demands, will surely allow us to offer even more precise and high-quality products and services.


When it comes to the flexitank shipments, the main concert of the chemical and petrochemical players is still related to the safety and the emergency response option.


BeFlexi, together with SGS, can not only provide the best value flexitanks, professional and secure installation, loading and discharging assistance, but importantly immediate emergency response assistance in 2,000 locations worldwide.


Another general concern I found is related to the extreme volatility of freight rates. BeFlexi with SGS have longstanding relations with top global freight forwarders and so together we can try to secure the most competitive rates for a longer period of time.

Andreea Manaila with Rufat Valiyev, OGC Business Development Manager at SGS


Concluding, we have enjoyed lots of great meetings and discussions in Berlin and I would like to quote/agree with Mr. Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations and this year’s speaker at the Closing Lunch Session: “all 700 EPCA members from 54 countries play a very important role worldwide which, at the end of the day, makes the chemical and petrochemical industry so good”.


BeFlexi has been a proud member of EPCA since 2016. Connect with Andreea on LinkedIn.