BeFlexi Increases Its Presence In Ukraine Following The Growing Demand For Flexitank Solutions


Kyiv, 27 September 2017- With a 280% growth in the use of flexitank solutions in Ukraine over the past two years, BeFlexi, a global flexitank operator and logistics solutions provider founded by visionary entrepreneur, Sergey Galin, has increased its presence and focus in the region to meet the demand. Flexitanks, a flexible tank bag designed to fit into a standard 20ft ocean container, is revolutionizing the local logistics market for non-hazardous liquids.


Speaking at the International exhibition on transport and logistics “TRANS EXPO ODESSA 2017”, BeFlexi’s Ukrainian Country Leader, Angelina Shepikto, said, “Flexitank solutions lends itself well to the ambitions of our shipping industry. Ukraine, the largest port authority of this region, has great plans for the future. For instance, in June 2017, The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) announced plans to allocate UAH 3.9 billion (124,820,373.12 EUR) to finance infrastructure projects in the maritime sector during 2017. [i]Also, the structure of Ukraine’s exports has traditionally shown an increase in transhipment of agro-sector products. This is grain — 19.6 million tons (+ 20%) and vegetable oils — 2.9 million tons (+ 33.8). These figures demonstrate the diverse requirements of the market, for which BeFlexi is a natural solution.[ii]


BeFlexi’s business model is unique in that it supports the entire flexitank ecosystem. With its global partnership with SGS, the company provides professional and secure installation, loading, discharging and emergency response assistance in 2,000 locations worldwide.


Flexitanks are increasing in popularity mainly due to the reduction on loading and unloading times, their friendly carbon footprint given they are recyclable at the destination and their overall cost effectiveness. Flexitanks can also transport more liquid per container. These reasons combined has made this cost effective liquid bulk packaging solution, gain rapid popularity against its counterparts such as ISO tanks and barrels and is expected to reach, on a global scale, USD 922.3 million by 2022. [iii]


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BeFlexi is a global flexitank operator and logistics solutions provider. We have a global partnership with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Together we offer flexitank supply and installation services in 2,000 locations worldwide, as well as provide emergency response assistance. We also have permanent stocks in 19 strategic port locations where flexitank products are held and are available immediately. BeFlexi’s products conform to the strictest industry requirements and regulations, including ISO 9001-2008 and ISO22000 accredited manufacturing facilities.