BeFlexi is excited to announce another new location: Slovenia.


Our operations kicked off officially last week when, together with our global partner, SGS, we successfully performed the first flexitank installation in Koper.


BeFlexi flexitank installation in Koper, Slovernia

SGS preparing the container by covering the walls with corrugated paper


We also provided training to the local SGS Slovenia team on the safety and quality standards and procedures that are to be adhered to during a flexitank installation. All local teams in new locations are provided with adequate training materials to ensure the highest quality installations and highest level of service to our customers.


BeFlexi flexitank installation in Koper, Slovernia

Installed BeFlexi flexitank


The installation was completed under the supervision of Matej Babič, Senior Inspector – Technical Supervisor at SGS OGC, MIN, AFL in Koper. He said, “We have completed successfully our first 3x flexitank installations without encountering any substantial difficulties.”


BeFlexi flexitank installation in Koper, Slovernia

Fully installed BeFlexi flexitank with correct bulkhead, steel bar and valve position


Andreea Manaila, Sales Executive at BeFlexi, has been working closely with SGS to bring about this project. She says, “For this project, I had to coordinate with the SGS teams in both Malta, whose customer ordered the flexitanks, and Slovenia where the installation was performed. I’m excited that everything went smoothly and I’m hopeful that this will open up opportunities across the Balkan and Central Europe. Stay tuned!”


Slovenia is the world’s 62nd largest export country. Koper, its main port, plays a strategic role in connecting Central Europe to the sea. In particular, it’s the number one port for supply to the Austrian market in terms of total cargo throughput; the number one port for the Slovak and Hungarian markets; and the leading cargo freight port in the Northern Adriatic.