BeFlexi is pleased to announce the setup of operations in Tunisia this week. It marks not only our first venture into the African market, but also represents the fifth continent where we operate.


Together with our global partner, SGS, we completed a successful first joint flexitank installation and also provided training to the local team on the safety and quality standards and procedures that are to be adhered to during a flexitank installation. All local teams in new locations are provided with adequate training materials to ensure the highest quality installations and highest level of service to our customers.

BeFlexi SGS Tunisia, flexitank installation

SGS performing flexitank installation and training for local team


Our Tunisian booking agent, Ramzi Gharsallah, Sales Advisor at Trust Shipping Agency – a freight forwarder based in Tunisia, serving customers in over 33 countries worldwide – had this to say:


“I would like on behalf of all TRUST SHIPPING AGENCY’s colleagues to thank you again to have opportunity of fitting training. It was really a very beneficial and constructive meeting, we confirm from here that SGS guys already left training with a big satisfaction and hope that can do their job perfectly in the future.”

BeFlexi SGS Tunisia, flexitank installation

Ramzi Gharsallah, Sales Advisor at Trust Shipping Agency (right) with Raf Herman, Director at Trust Flexitanks (left)


Andreea Manaila, Sales Executive at BeFlexi, said “I’m very proud of the work we’ve been doing with Trust Shipping Agency and SGS Tunisia. It’s exciting to have been part of the first venture into the African market – and such a successful one! I’m confident of a bright future for BeFlexi and SGS here.”


Tunisia is the 7th biggest export economy in Africa with $13.3 billion worth of exports in 2016. Its economic growth is expected to accelerate to 2.3% this year, according to The World Bank, and continue to grow steadily over the next couple of years.


We are therefore assured of many more projects with SGS Tunisia and hope to continue to expand our operations in the region.