Only last week, Greece became the latest addition to the locations of BeFlexi’s operations. Together with our partners, SGS, we undertook the first joint professional supply and safe installation of BeFlexi flexitanks in Greece.

The whole team along with SGS OGC Business Manager, Stelios Bouklis (third from left)


We also provided training to the local team on the safety and quality standards and procedures that are to be adhered to during a flexitank installation. All local teams in new locations are provided with adequate training materials to ensure the highest quality installations and highest level of service to our customers.


Our trainer cross-checks the materials necessary for the flexitank installation

He shows the correct way to install the flexitank in a properly prepared container

Placing the bulkhead and securing the steel bars


Both the installation and training went smoothly. SGS Oil, Gas & Chemicals Business Manager for Greece, Stelios Bouklis, had this to say:


“With many thanks for your kind support during the first Flexitank installation… The procedure and the instructions for the installation of the Flexitank were very clear and descriptive. Looking forward to provide our services in the near future.”


We look forward to further cooperation with SGS Greece and for an ongoing expansion of operations in the region.