It has been a great start to the New Year for BeFlexi. Hot on the heels of our achievement in Malaysia, we are very proud to announce yet another first joint successful supply and installation of our flexitanks in Turkey with local SGS offices.


img-20161230-wa0005 img-20161230-wa0006

img-20161230-wa0002 img-20161230-wa0003


Turkey is among the largest exporters in the world. Rich in seed, vegetable and olive oils, it represents a huge potential for the flexitank market. Together with SGS, we can provide a safe, secure and cost-effective transportation solution for these goods.


Sustaining momentum, next week we’ll be in Izmir and Istanbul meeting with a number of freight forwarders and cargo movers. As our partnership with global SGS offices continues to grow, we are excited for all the possibilities this close cooperation will bring.