An agreement has been made between BeFlexi and our global partner, SGS, to start putting together standards and practices for the flexitank industry to improve awareness of this technology in the market and to create a shortcut between manufacturers and end users – be it giants like Maersk or ExxonMobil, or small and medium-sized enterprises located in any geographical area of the world.

With the flexitank market at a mature stage, this is the perfect time to embark on such a task. These standards will not only increase transparency, thereby boosting competition and ultimately improving quality; they will more importantly give key industry players access to a bigger market.

Together with SGS, we have a unique in-depth knowledge of the industry and market. We believe that these standards will have benefits for all parties of the supply chain.

Forwarders and end cargo owners will be granted quick access to the most innovative, and already reliable, products; and equally, manufacturers will have a shortcut to the majors of the industry, avoiding the necessity of otherwise going through exhausting and complicated approval processes.

We are already working in close cooperation with many different parties, including the Container Owners Association (COA), various shipping lines, forwarders, insurance companies, banks and governments. We are most grateful to them for their collaboration and support in this very important endeavour.

We believe that together we will develop an even bigger and better market for flexitank technology.

As the work progresses, we will continue to keep the market informed, but please do get in touch with the team; your comments and ideas are always of the highest value to us.