Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 15.02.22The congress is highly praised for its ways of presenting a global overview of the oilseed market and the current origins and consumptive markets for oilseeds, as well as its derivatives. There was also a major focus on presenting new strategies for financing and developing risk management policies to overcome competition.

The price of palm oil has reached its highest levels since May 2014 and has been a cause of concern for the last couple of months due to serious droughts and smog that spread across Southeast Asia. Together with the forest fires in Indonesia the production of palm oil has decreased, which has become a cause for concern since Indonesia and Malaysia account for 85% of the world’s palm oil production. BeFlexi has been aware of the low levels of production and its flexitank and trade finance solutions have been of great aid to companies dealing with palm oil.

Similarly, BeFlexi has managed several shipments of oilseeds and its derivatives (i.e. vegetable oil) in flexitanks and liners and has had an excellent record with the deliveries. During the congress it was important to show how BeFlexi could influence other participants supply chains by lowering costs and increasing security with SGS by its side. Additionally, the congress had a major focus on trade finance and BeFlexi is the perfect partner due to its involvement in not only the shipment and handling of the product but the financing of several commodities around the world which grants companies the freedom to free up cash flows and focus on their core business.

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