Flexitanks have been on the market for more than 30 years yet the awareness of its advantages is still insufficient. Over the last 10 years the market has experienced substantial 20% growth year-over-year in flexitank usage as businesses look to maintain or increase margins with the rapid increase in competition.

When installed properly, flexitanks should be the only source of transportation for non-hazardous liquids. The capabilities that come with this sort of packaging outweigh all traditional methods of transportation such as the commonly used ISO tank, cistern truck, and on a larger scale the tanker vessel. Furthermore, drums, and intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are starting to become superseded as flexitanks can carry about 40% more cargo and not only cater to large shipments but most importantly help the small local business export and transport product in lesser quantities.

This single use container eliminates all risks of contamination and significantly reduces overall costs. Not having to pay for the back-shipment unlike any of its alternatives is a huge cost saving in itself.

Currently the flexitank market is divided between suppliers and equipment operators, with one full service provider, BeFlexi. The years spent collectively on the modernization of current industry standards and innovating an alternative product and service that not only mirrors current methods but also heightens them has led to significant costs savings for businesses.

The prime concern related to this relatively “new” source of packaging and transportation has been bounded by worries over leakage and pressure placed on the side panels of standard containers. With technology, the manufacturing process has become extremely precise, which in most cases leaves flexitank operators with the sole responsibility of major disasters happening. BeFlexi foresaw this challenge and understood the need to have the most sophisticated and qualified installation team and representatives. This led to the development of a partnership between BeFlexi and SGS, the worlds leading inspection, verification, and certification company. This relationship together with world-class insurance backing has allowed for the success currently experienced by BeFlexi and its team worldwide.

BeFlexi is at the forefront of flexitank innovation, working closely with its colleagues at the Containers Owners Association they are paving the way for widespread usage of flexitanks. Daily innovation along with a full service offering will support the continuous lowering of transportation costs.

So why do we love flexitanks? (Aside from the significant cost savings!)pic-our-tanks
• Forefront of innovation and modernization of old and dated methods
• The simplicity surrounding flexitanks and its application towards hundreds of products
• Current growth and approvals by major certification companies in the world such as FDA, COA, Foodstuffs, and all major shipping       lines
• Providing small businesses with export opportunities they never experienced

Couple all these benefits with the safety offered by BeFlexi in partnership with SGS and every business should take advantage of this attractive solution.