• Manufacturers, who work via traders and infrastructure operators

  • Small and medium suppliers, who are looking for direct access to the market and end user

  • Major vertical-oriented manufacturers, who are looking for new distributional channels

  • Traders, who want to optimize costs and meet customers’ requirements on small to medium supplies

Quick Facts:

  • Flexitanks industry has grown rapidly over the last decade and this has been projected to continue with perhaps 20% per annum

  • Globally, reaching 700,000 units in 2015 – 14 million tones

  • About 70% of the volume is shipped by small and medium sized companies

Featured Stories

Lubricant Blender in Nairobi, Kenya, purchasing base oil from Cartagena, Spain.

October 12, 2014

BeFlexi helped one lubricant blender located in Nairobi, Kenya with the purchase of base oil from Cartagena, Spain.

The blender purchases 150MT/month on a regular basis, and it was buying in drums before being introduced to our flexitank services. It enjoys the economical benefits adopting flexitank shipment. Ever since the completion of first cooperation, it becomes our loyal customers for door to door delivery.

Within the solution we designed for this client also, we provide trade finance that allows it to pay 60 days upon Bill of Lading, so basically it pays BeFlexi back after it receives raw materials, manufacture, ship out finished products and collect from its customers.

Brazilian Supplier Shipping Glycerin from inland to Santos Port

September 28, 2014

Beflexi successfully helped one glycerin supplier to ship its product from Brazil inland to Santos Port for exporting transshipment. Since the supplier is located in remote area and far inland, trucking has been the only option for delivery to port.

The client came to us for advices and options, and we recommended Speed, our product line for road transportation. The flexitank providing more stability is specially designed to be used on truck trailers for long distant road transportation. Our client was happy with the result and later on approached us with options for exporting to its oversea customers.

Fertilizer Manufacture in the United States, shipping its products to India

September 12, 2014

One of BeFlexi’s client, a fertilizer manufacturer, locates inland in the United States. It sells the products internationally. With one long-term contract to supply its customer in India, we designed a solution for the company involving different means of transportation including rail transportation and ocean freight.

Our flexitanks were all tested and passed COA’s railway impact test. Cargo safely arrived to port of Houston and was delivered to India on time through Maersk shipping line.

Russian Refinery shipping base oil from Baltic to Jebel Ali, UAE

September 10, 2014

BeFlexi received a referral from one of the biggest refineries in Russia. The client was planning to bring 5,000 mt of base oil from Baltic to Jebel Ali, UAE, and the client was thinking of bulk carrier delivery. Immediately, BeFlexi specialist was able to do a thorough calculation and comparison of his case between using flexitank and using bulk carrier for delivery.

Below are major differences that we showed to the client during communication. The offer was accepted, and this has been another successful case where BeFlexi assists its client to select the most economical packaging and transportation option.

  Bulk Carrier Flexitank
Transshipment Cost $30 USD/MT $30
Freight/Flexirate $120 USD/MT $100 USD/MT
Total above costs based on 5KT $150*5000= $750,000 $130*5000= $650,000
Limitation Large volume only, possible demurrage, contamination risk Flexible volume, on-time delivery, contamination risk free