• Direct Supply From Seller to Buyer, Skipping Intermediaries and Infrastructure Operators

  • Competitive Shipping Freight Rates Even For Small Batch Purchases

  • Can Be Used With All Standard Transportation Methods

  • No Return Load Needed

  • Can Serve As Temporary Or Permanent Storage


Flexitank is a safe, time tested and proven, cost-effective and secure technology to transport non-hazardous liquid and dry cargo.


  • Bulk liquid polyethylene container with volume from 10,000 up to 24,000 Lts, suitable for any non-hazardous liquids

  • Can be used with all standard transportation methods:

    • Sea shipment: 24/40 ft containers

    • Railway: standard 20 ft containers

    • Truck: individual deliveries

  • Acceptable temperature range from -20°C up to 80°C

  • Heating is available for high viscous liquid

  • Installation in refrigeration container for temperature sensitive cargo

  • Can serve as temporary or permanent storage

  • Approved foodstuff container

  • Door to Door Delivery

  • Single-use and disposable

From water to chemicals, transporting and storing liquids has traditionally been an expensive and logistically complex operation. Flexitanks offers manufacturers and traders a more agile and cost-effective approach to storing and shipping liquid products.

It boasts several advantages over steel tanks, including: being lighter, rustproof, foldable, quicker to use and easier to set up. Due to shipment size optimization it is also less capital intensive, meaning you have less cash tied up in the supply chain and greater liquidity available

Minimize your Expenses

  • Minimize your freight charges, pay just one way international freight cost

  • Transport more liquid in every container (flexitank takes up to 31% more liquid in each container versus IBC totes or drums)

  • 20 ft. Container payload 15% higher than IBCs Container payload 44% higher than drums

  • Save money on loading and unloading. Typically flexitank is loaded in 45 minutes

  • Reduce your stock and order quantities that you want, exactly when you need them

  • Reduce your cleaning costs and ‘go green’ Flexitanks are single-use and disposable

Reduce the Risks

  • No risk of contamination (all flexitanks are food-grade and single-use packaging)

  • Reduce exposure to price fluctuations, don't need to stock, purchase quantity as needed

  • BeFlexi flexitank installations performed by SGS Team

Get Financial Benefits

  • Optimize your cash flow - less capital tied-up in the supply chain, allowing more free cash flow for additional purposes

  • Reduce the capital tight up

  • Receive more payloads within a shorter period of time