BeFlexi Harvester


BeFlexi Silo Bag is a cost-effective solution for farmers to increase the on-field storage, thus, to avoid the waiting lines at elevators, skip the hot season's freight rates or keep the harvest in a year when prices have hit their lows till they turn around. Silo Bag gives the farmers a full control over their supply chain, and it is a less expensive and faster alternative to harvest crops on-site compared to the steel silo systems.

Product features:
Size: Up to 75 m long and  typically is under 3 m in diameter
Capacity: Up to 250 MT of grains
Environmental protection: Three protective layers: the outer layer is covered with titanium oxide, ensuring resistance; middle layer works as an ultra-violate stabilizer; the inner layer serves as a filter
Grain protection: Ensures fungi, insect and grain respiration control

Safe and Save Solution:

  • Low cost per tonne of stored grain
  • Portable/relocatable system
  • Grain retains its quality and colour
  • The bag is airtight, therefore, fumigation is not required to control insects
  • Grains can be stored at a higher moisture content than is allowed in traditional systems
  • The on-farm storage of your grains greatly expands the marketing opportunities of the commodity
  • Freight costs reduction by negotiating freight rates out of peak harvest times
  • Suitable for both extremely hot and cold climates